Lab Directions, Friday 12/14

  • Take your Quarter 2 Test 1, either regular or AIG.
    • If you’re not happy with your results, do corrections, by doing the following for each question:
      • Explain why you chose the wrong answer.
      • Explain why the right answer is a better choice.
  • If you have not done 8D, the Oregon Trail online game, now would be a good time.

Lab Directions – 12/12

Lab Directions – Friday, 11/17

  • Read all of the Mock Trial handout on the Boston Massacre.
    • If we can get the majority of class to complete this assignment and do so correctly, we will have a practice mock trial Monday (11/20) and the actual trial on Tuesday (11/21). Otherwise, Monday and Tuesday we will work on lessons as normal.
  • Once you have finished the handout, take the survey.
  • If you have time remaining, work on your lessons.