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New Math Download

Here is the latest math download!

5-15-2013 Scatterplot & Association Review – Key


Homework for the Week of 05/13/13

Coach Whitt’s ELA   Classes

All Classes – Students will be working on EOG Text with Choice Boards for the next several weeks.  This exercise is to help prepare the students for the upcoming EOG on May 28.  Please ask your child about this assignment, as they will have to bring it home to complete it within the weeks’ time (Due May 17).  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in letting me know.

Contact Coach Whitt at for any questions or concerns.

Mr. Cordova’s Social Studies Classes

Video Review Skit, presentations begin on Thursday and Friday. Students will, in groups, select a single section of our Year-in-Review handout (or half of a section for the larger sections) and perform a 1 to 2 minute long engaging skit presenting all the information covered in their presentation, with full involvement by every group member.

Contact Mr. Cordova at for any questions or concerns.

Ms. Wilson’s Science Classes

Monday: Water Review Worksheet

Tuesday: Finish undone classwork

Wednesday: Study for Vocabulary Quiz (Blue Books will be sent home to study with) DO NOT LOSE

Thursday: None

Friday: None

The county has provided a science review for our students.  You can access a year in review powerpoint at the website  The password is 2013EOG.  Along with the PowerPoint there are also videos of EOG problems being worked through and have good explanations for why each wrong answer is wrong and how to reach the correct answer.  These would be useful for students to watch.

Contact Ms. Wilson at for any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Wolf’s Math Classes

All classes are working on EOG Review.  Students should be bringing home work each evening to help with the review being conducted in class.

Contact Mrs. Wolf at for any questions or concerns.

New Math download

Check out the latest math download, All Stations’ Keys, also available in our downloads section.