Monthly Archives: November 2017

Lab Directions – Friday, 12/01

  • 1st, 2nd, 5th periods: Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG, with a priority on Lesson 7.
  • 4th period: Take your test.

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 11/29

  • Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG. Lesson 7 and higher is the priority.
  • If you are near the end of Lesson 7 or beyond, feel free to play a review game.

Lab Directions – Friday, 11/17

  • Read all of the Mock Trial handout on the Boston Massacre.
    • If we can get the majority of class to complete this assignment and do so correctly, we will have a practice mock trial Monday (11/20) and the actual trial on Tuesday (11/21). Otherwise, Monday and Tuesday we will work on lessons as normal.
  • Once you have finished the handout, take the survey.
  • If you have time remaining, work on your lessons.

Lab Directions – Thursday, 11/09

  • Take your quiz, either regular or AIG.
  • When done, work on your lessons, prioritizing Lesson 6.

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 11/08

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 11/01

  • Take your warm-up quiz. This quiz is open note.
  • Take your Unit 2 Pre-Assessment. This is like every normal quiz and test you take and is closed note. Do your best and answer every question. Completion of the pre-assessment will net you a 100 test grade.
  • When done with both of the above assignments, continue working on your Lessons (regular or AIG).
    • Lessons 5E and 5F, plus the Culminating Assignment for Lesson 5 are a priority.
    • All the material for the above lessons is located in downloads.