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Lab Directions, Friday 12/14

  • Take your Quarter 2 Test 1, either regular or AIG.
    • If you’re not happy with your results, do corrections, by doing the following for each question:
      • Explain why you chose the wrong answer.
      • Explain why the right answer is a better choice.
  • If you have not done 8D, the Oregon Trail online game, now would be a good time.

Lab Directions – Friday, 12/01

  • 1st, 2nd, 5th periods: Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG, with a priority on Lesson 7.
  • 4th period: Take your test.

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 11/01

  • Take your warm-up quiz. This quiz is open note.
  • Take your Unit 2 Pre-Assessment. This is like every normal quiz and test you take and is closed note. Do your best and answer every question. Completion of the pre-assessment will net you a 100 test grade.
  • When done with both of the above assignments, continue working on your Lessons (regular or AIG).
    • Lessons 5E and 5F, plus the Culminating Assignment for Lesson 5 are a priority.
    • All the material for the above lessons is located in downloads.

Lab Directions – Tuesday, 10/17 and Wednesday, 10/18

Lab Directions – Friday, 10/13

  • If you would like a last minute review, you have the first five minutes of class to play a review game.
  • After the first five minutes, go ahead and take your test, either regular or AIG.
    • If you are not happy with your results, do test corrections by doing the following:
      • For every question you got wrong, explain why you chose the wrong answer and then explain why the correct answer was a better answer choice.

Lab Directions – Thursday, 10/12

  • Work on your Lessons, either regular or AIG. If you are already done with Lesson 4, then you may play review games.
  • After 15 minutes, whether you are done with Lesson 4 or not, play review games to help prepare you for your Test tomorrow.

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 09/13/17

Your directions for today are in order as follows:

  1. Go to my testing site, and take your quiz, either regular or AIG.
  2. If you want, take the Cordova Cash Auctions survey.
  3. Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG.
    • I will have physical copies of your Unit 1 Booklets, or you can access an online version here or under the Unit 1 section of my downloads page of my main site.
  4. If you still have not completed your pre-assessment, do so.

Lab Directions – Wednesday, 8/30/17 and Friday, 09/01/17

  • Go to my testing site and take the NCFE Social Studies Mock Exam: 2017 – 2018. If the testing site is not working, move on to the following bullet point.
  • Using this link, complete Lesson 0, and then move on to Lesson 1. If your computer does not have PowerPoint or it is displaying improperly, notify me and I will display it on the presentation laptop.
    • You will need your booklet to complete Lesson 1. If your computer does not have word or it is displaying improperly, notify me and I will provide you with a physical copy.

Wednesday, 05/10/17 – S4 Lab



Cart #7 Chrome Laptop Cart – D33

1st and 2nd periods

4th and 5th periods