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Lab Directions – Wednesday (10/04/17) and Thursday (10/05/17)


  • After listening to the introduction to your Project 1, read through the rubrics and then choose one of the following projects to complete.
  • Completing more than one project will earn you extra credit and extra Cordova Cash. You may begin your project today, or continue working on your lessons, either regular or AIG.
  • You may work either by yourself or with a partner on this project.


  • Work on your project, as indicated above under Wednesday’s agenda.

Lab Directions – Thursday, 09/21/17

  • Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG.
  • You will need your booklet, or a handout from downloads.
  • This is also a good time to play some review game activities (make sure to select 2017-2018).

Lab Directions – Friday, 09/15/17

  • If you have not taken your quiz, do so.
  • If you have taken your quiz, and are unhappy with your results, do quiz corrections by doing the following:
    • For each wrong answer, explain why you chose that wrong answer and why the correct answer is better.
  • Work on your lessons, either regular, or AIG.

Tuesday, 05/09/17 – D40 Lab



  • We will complete the online tutorial for the Social Studies Final Exam.
  • Take your quiz five.
  • Complete

D38 Lab Directions – Tuesday, 04/25/17

1st and 2nd periods

4th and 5th periods

  1. Take your Quarter 4 Quiz 3.
  2. Choose from among the following choices:
    1. Work on your lessons.
    2. Work on your Project 2 (MindMup).

Honors – Lessons 01 to 15

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