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Upcoming Assignments for the Week of 10/03/16

Homework – All Classes

4th and 5th periods should be completing their 1st projects, which were assigned on Thursday. 1st and 2nd periods’ projects were due today, and barring exigent circumstances, will be counted as late from this point on.

Upcoming Assignments

Unit 1, Lesson 3 will finish up next week for 4th and 5th periods, while Unit 1, Lesson 4 will begin for 1st and 2nd periods.



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Honors Social Studies – Homework #03

The google forms link for Homework #03 is up for Honors Social Studies students. This homework will not be officially assigned until tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28. The assignment is due Thursday, September 29.

Upcoming Assignments for the Week of 09/26/16

Progress Reports

All students will receive progress reports on Wednesday (09/28/16) this coming week.

Homework – All Classes

1st and 2nd periods should be completing their 1st projects, which were assigned last Friday. 4th and 5th periods will receive their projects this coming week, delayed from this week.

Upcoming Assignments

Unit 1, Lesson 3 will finish up next week.



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Project #01

Honors Social Studies received two project rubrics today in class, of which they must do one, with the option to do both for bonus Cordova Cash. Projects will be due on Friday, September 30th.

Regular Social Studies classes will receive their project assignment this coming week, with corresponding due date announced in class.

Project rubrics can be found here.

Honors Social Studies – Homework #02

For this homework assignment, you have two choices:

  1. Use the physical copy you were given today in class and write your answers and label the map as indicated and turn in the assignment by Friday, September 16th; or
  2. Click on the following link and submit your assignment online by Friday, September 16th:

Upcoming assignments for the Week of 09/12/16

The following shows the tentative schedule for both honors and regular Social Studies classes for the coming week. There is no homework for any classes this weekend.


Honors Social Studies students will also be assigned their first independent project. Further details will be provided in class.





Homework – All Social Studies

If you did not finish your pre-assessment test today, it is homework due Tuesday, September 6th. If you have internet issues or other issues impacting your ability to access the internet, please let me know via email, remind, or in person.