Homework and Upcoming Assignments for the Week of 10/17/16


All classes will have Quarter 1 Quiz 4 on Tuesday, October 18 in the D38 Computer Lab.

  • 1st and 2nd periods’ quiz will cover: The French and Indian War, the Tax Acts, the Boston Massacre, the Boston and Edenton Tea Parties, the Regulator Movement/War, the Declaration of Independence, and key vocabulary of the Revolutionary War.
  • 4th and 5th periods’ quiz will cover: The Triangle Trade, 13 Colonies, Tuscarora War, Pirates of N.C., the Rebellions, and the French and Indian War.

1st and 2nd periods should be working on their “A Map of All Things” project, which is due on Monday, October 24.

Upcoming Assignments

Unit 1, Lesson 4 will finish up next week for 4th and 5th periods, while Unit 1, Lesson 5 will continue for 1st and 2nd periods.




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