Homework for the Week of 11/10/14

English Language Arts (Mr. Cordova):

  1. Argumentative Essay writing
    1. Complete 1st Argumentative Essay by Monday, November 10th.
    2. Begin Annotating Informational Text on Wednesday, November 13th.

Social Studies (Mr. Cordova):

  1. Begin and complete Indian Removal Act handout on Monday, November 10th.
  2. Complete New Republic and Westward Expansion packet on Monday, November 3rd.
    1. 8-14 of your Unit 2 Social Studies packet
    2. Copies can be found in the downloads section of the Warriors Team website.
  3. Study for Quarter 2 Quiz 1 covering:
    1. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
    2. The New Republic and Westward Expansion
    3. North Carolina and California Gold Rushes
    4. Indian Removal Act

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

(Ms. Bedell):

All of Ms. Bedell’s Homework is found on Schoolnet.


Do 20 minutes of MobyMax per day for a total of 100 minutes for the week.  Paper copy available for students without internet or phone access at home.

Study for volume test on Thursday


Monday: Virus Introduction

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: How diseases spread

Thursday: Study for Vocabulary Quiz

Extra Credit:  Calculate your daily calories for one week (Use MyFitnessPal app if you want)

Contact Ms. Bedell @ Anna.Bedell@dpsnc.net


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