Homework for the Week of 10/06/14

English Language Arts (Mr. Cordova):

  1. Book Report is due Wednesday, October 15th
  2. Three Little Pigs plot element – homework due Tuesday, October 7th

Social Studies (Mr. Cordova):

  1. Complete Women & Minorities in the Revolutionary War
  2. Complete analysis of the Mecklenburg & Halifax Resolves

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

(Ms. Bedell):

All of Ms. Bedell’s Homework is found on schoolnet.


Study for Quiz on Monday- Distribution Equations and Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Study for Test on Thursday- Equations Unit

MobyMax Extra Credit Week- 1 point for every


Monday: The Law of Conservation of Mass

Tuesday: Balancing Equations

Wednesday: Types of Chemical Reactions

Thursday: Study for Balancing Equations Quiz

Contact Ms. Bedell @ Anna.Bedell@dpsnc.net

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