Homework for the Week of 11/11/13


Social Studies (Mr. Cordova):

Tue: Complete E.Q. Check #049 – 53 on the Social Studies Website.

Tue – Thursday: Gold and Tears packet due Friday.

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Science (Ms. Bedell):

All week:  Study for Diseases Unit test on Friday.  Unit flashcards and completed booklet will also be due on test day.

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Watch Bioremediation video at http://poptech.org/popcasts/shaily_mahendra_bioremediation and take Edmodo quiz

Wednesday:  Watch Biotechnology Careers video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqcKQiQuT0M and take Edmodo quiz.

Contact Ms. Bedell @ Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net

ELA (Ms. Meyers):

Check the Team Website for upcoming ELA homework.

Contact Ms. Meyers @ Dawn.Meyers@dpsnc.net


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