Homework for the Week of 09/30/13

Social Studies (Mr. Cordova):

1. Monday:

  • Complete E.Q. Check #020 – 24 on the Social Studies Website
  • Explain in 50 words or more how the French and Indian War’s outcome would have changed if the Spanish had gotten involved. Assignment due Friday.

2. Ongoing: Work on S.C.O.P.E. (Summary Card Ongoing Project & Evaluation)

    • Classroom rules and procedures
    • 5 themes of geography
    • Regions of N.C.
    • Native Americans of N.C.
    • Colonization
    • Columbus Reading
    • Columbian Exchange
    • The Lost Colony
    • The 13 Colonies [1 index card per       colony]
    • Triangle Trade

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Science (Ms. Bedell):

Monday: Watch Cellular Respiration at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUmT24R8CyA and do Edmodo quiz.

All Week:  Biomes Project Due Friday, Oct 4.

Finish any undone Ecology Unit Book Work ( we did not do pages 13 or 27)

Study for Ecology Unit Test on Thursday, Oct 10.

Contact Ms. Bedell @ Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net

ELA (Ms. Meyers):

Ms. Meyers’ homework for next week will be posted at a later date.


For individualized math teacher homework, please see: sites.google.com/site/pythagoreanteam


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