Homework for the Week of 04/22/13

Coach Whitt’s ELA   Classes


Monday – Literature Circle Projects Due Friday

Tuesday – Continue working on Projects  (2nd Period – The Herald Sun topic – “Reflection of this school year”)

Wednesday – Literature Circles Projects Due Friday

Thursday – Literature Circles Projects Due Friday

Friday – No HW

Contact Coach Whitt at Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.

Mr. Cordova’s Social Studies Classes

Interview one adult and ask them if they can tell you at least three facts about the Korean War. Have your interviewee either write down their answers or you write down their answers. Either way, you must get their signature and the date you interviewed them written down on your homework assignment. Assignment due Friday 04/26/13.

  1. Complete the Korean War Map Activity (to be assigned in class Monday 04/22/13)

Contact Mr. Cordova at Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.

Ms. Wilson’s Science Classes

We are doing a lab activity on natural selection next week that requires many different kinds of candy.  Donations of little bags of candy would be greatly appreciated!

Monday: Finish web quest if not finished in class.

Tuesday: Study for quiz

Wednesday: Answer lab questions

Thursday: Finish classwork

Friday: None

Contact Ms. Wilson at Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Wolf’s Math Classes


Monday: Solving Word Problems WS

Tuesday: CFA Review WS

Wednesday: CFA; no HW

Thursday: Graphing Linear Inequalities WS

Friday: Graphing Linear Systems WS 

Contact Mrs. Wolf at Connie.Wolf@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.


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