Homework for the Week of 04/08/13

Coach Whitt’s ELA   Classes

Monday – Student Choice Topics Due Tomorrow   (2nd Period – Student Choice Projects Due April 26.  Students have had information since 3/21)

Tuesday – Student Choice Rough Draft Due Wednesday (2nd Period – The Herald Sun topic – “What is character?”)

Wednesday – Student Choice “Pictionary” – complete what was not completed in class

Thursday – Student Choice Final Draft Due

Friday – No HW

Students will begin reading independent novels again on Monday, April 15.  A list will be sent home with their novel deadlines and project choice boards towards the end of this week.

Contact Coach Whitt at Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.

Mr. Cordova’s Social Studies Classes

1st, 2nd, 4th periods: There is no homework assigned this week, though the Cold War scenarios packet is available for download from the Social Studies website (www.quia.com/pages/rcordova/carrington).

5th period: The student teacher, Mr. Biggs, will be sending out HW as it becomes available.

Contact Mr. Cordova at Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.

Ms. Wilson’s Science Classes

Monday: None

Tuesday: Mountaintop fossil writing assignment.

Wednesday: Relative age of rocks sequencing worksheet. There will be a quiz on this homework on Thursday.

Thursday: Finish in class assignment if undone.

Friday: None

Contact Ms. Wilson at Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Wolf’s Math Classes

* Monday: Graphing Inequalities WS

* Tuesday: Solving One-Step Inequalities WS

* Wednesday: Solving Word Problems with One-Step Inequalities WS

* Thursday: Inequalities Study Guide #1

* Friday: Inequalities Quiz; Solving Two-Step Inequalities WS

Contact Mrs. Wolf at Connie.Wolf@dpsnc.net for any questions or concerns.


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