Homework for the Week of 03/18/13

ELA – For all classes

Monday – Choose a favorite childhood poem which uses imagery and bring to class to share with your cooperative groups

Tuesday – Create a personal HAIKU to present to your cooperative groups

Wednesday – Choose a poet to conduct a short research on for the coming week

Thursday – CA for ELA (Testing) – NO HW

Friday – CA for ELA (Testing) – NO HW

Portfolios will be checked on Wednesday, March 27

(For 2nd Period – there will be no HERALD SUN entry due this week)



  • Monday: Take-home quiz due; HW is Frequency Tables WS #1
  • Tuesday: Frequency Tables WS #2
  • Wednesday: CA Review Sheet #1
  • Thursday: CA Review Sheet #2
  • Friday: Missing work due; CA in class; no HW over the weekend




Monday- Argumentative paper on GM crops

Tuesday- Argumentative paper on GM crops

Wednesday- none

Thursday- Geology worksheet

Friday- none


Social Studies


1) Interview one adult and query them as to any family or friends they may have that were involved with WWII. In a paragraph or more, describe their family or friend’s involvement in WWII. Assignment due Friday, 03/22/13.


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