Homework for the Week of 12/10/12

ELA (Coach Whitt): 

Standards being addressed this week:  W.8.7, W.8.8, RL, 8.1, & W.8.7

All classes have HW that is now STUDENT DRIVEN (They are to use time management to complete the assignments given to them each week – please ask them about this at home).  Below, please find this week’s goal with their novels, and their timeline for their Global Awareness Project. 

We will be working on our research and completing a rough draft by Wednesday.  The students will have access to computers Monday – Wednesday.

Novel Study:

1st Period:  The Pigman (need to have completed through page 156 by Friday)  

2nd Period:  And Then There Were None (need to have completed through page 203 by Friday)  

4th Period:  Nothing But the Truth (need to have completed through page 139 by Friday)  

5th Period: The Pigman (need to have completed through page 156 by Friday)  

Contact Coach Whitt @ Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net

SS (Mr. Cordova):

Slave Narrative rewrites/corrections. Due Friday, 12/14/12

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Math (Mrs. Wolf):

Math 8


  • Angles Review Sheet


  • Angles Word Problems WS


  • Angles Quiz
  • Graphing, Translating, and Reflecting WS for HW


  • Graphing and Rotating WS


  • Graphing and Composite Transforming WS


Common Core Math I


  • Compound Inequalities WS


  • Inequalities Review Sheet


  • Functions & Graphing Review Sheet (back of Equations & Word Problems Review Sheet)


  • Study for Equations & Inequalities Test


  • Working with Math at Home
  • Textbook Check in class; p. 397 #2 for HW

Contact Mrs. Wolf @ Connie.Wolf@dpsnc.net


Science (Ms. Wilson):

 Mon- Study for quiz, start workbook page 59-62

Tue- Finish workbook page 59-62

Wed- None

Thurs- Lab pre-questions

Fri- None


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