Homework for the Week of 11/12/12

ELA (Coach Whitt): 

  • Monday  –  No School 
  • Tuesday –   Complete Graphic Organizer analyzing textual evidence  between poem and lyrics    
  • Wednesday –  NO HW    
  • Thursday –  Unit Cumulative Assessment
  • Friday – Student Conferences    

 Period 2 students will need to have read to page 177 – students need to compose a one page typed summary  of the book including a recommendation.  This paper needs to be singled spaced, size 12 font, and cover characters, setting, plot, and in the concluding paragraph write a recommendation of the book. 

 2nd Period Herald-Sun Topic for the week:  What I am Thankful for 

Highlighted Essential Question:  How will I compose my writing to ensure its relevancy and organizational structure while maintaining and supporting my claim?  

Highlighted Learning Target for the Week:  I CAN use textual evidence to support my claim or counterclaim. 

Contact Coach Whitt @ Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net

SS (Mr. Cordova):  

NO HW for this coming week

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Math (Mrs. Wolf): 

Math 8

* Monday: No School

* Tuesday: SGA Review Sheet

* Wednesday: Special Right Triangles WS

* Thursday: Pythagorean Theorem & Word Problems Remediation WS

* Friday: Perimeter, Area, & Volume WS

* Pythagorean Theorem Quiz Corrections are due by Friday

 Common Core Math I

* Monday: No School

* Tuesday: CA Review Sheet

* Wednesday: CA – No HW

* Thursday: WS – Graphing Given a Slope-Intercept Form Equation

* Friday: WS – Graphing Given a Standard Form Equation

 Contact Mrs. Wolf @ Connie.Chu@dpsnc.net

 Science (Ms. Wilson):   

 Story Boards are Due on Wednesday

 Contact Ms. Wilson @ Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net


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