Homework for the week of 10/22/12

ELA (Coach Whitt): 

  • Monday –  Research Paper Assigned  – Handouts/Rubric/Expectations will be sent home with students and emailed to parents
  • Tuesday – NO HW  – ELA CA  
  • Wednesday –  Completion of Review handouts from CA results   
  • Thursday – Work on Research Paper   
  • Friday –  NO HW

 Period 2 students will need to have read to page 12 by Friday, October 26.  The students will be given a brief assessment on what

Period 2 students:  Herald-Sun Topic due Thursday – “What does it mean to be a student-athlete?”

Highlighted Essential Question:  How is the development of structure of a story, article, speech, or poem important to its central idea?

Highlighted Learning Target for the Week:  I CAN write an objective summary. 

Contact Coach Whitt @ Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net

SS (Mr. Cordova):  

Complete project (Washington and Cornwallis foldables and timelines), due Tuesday (October 23).

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Math (Mrs. Wolf): 


  • 8GM
  • Complete Make-Up Work Packet (due Thursday)
    • CC1
    • Complete Make-Up Work Packet (due Thursday)


  • 8GM
  • Exponents Review Sheet
    • CC1
    • Linear Equations WS


  • 8GM
  • Exponents Quiz
  • No HW
    • CC1
    • Scatterplots & Linear Equations Review Sheet


  • 8GM
  • Scientific Notation WS
    • CC1
    • Scatterplots & Linear Equations Test
    • No HW

Contact Mrs. Wolf @ Connie.Chu@dpsnc.net

Science (Ms. Wilson):   

Homework for Science all week:


Parents- On Thursday, we will have our Chemistry Unit test, which will cover the material from our quizzes so far.  We will be spending Monday and Tuesday reviewing, and then on Wednesday they will have their science CA, which will be practice for the unit test on Thursday.  I am offering the students a chance to bring up any low quiz grade.  If they can prove to me they have learned the material, meaning they get a 90% or higher on the unit test, I will bring any lower quiz grade up to that grade as well.  No quiz grades will be lower, only raised if they score well on the test.  Study for a little bit every day next week and work on the review packet that I will be giving out on Monday.

Contact Ms. Wilson @ Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net


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