Homework for the week of 09/24/12

ELA (Coach Whitt): 

  • Monday –Narrative Essay due Wednesday
  • Tuesday – Narrative Essay due Wednesday
  • Wednesday –  NO HW  
  • Thursday – Discussion Question from class
  • Friday – NO HW

 Period 2 students will need to have read to Chapter 12 in The Pigman by Friday, September 28

 Essential Question:  How do I create a narrative short story using point of view? 

 Highlighted Learning Target for the Week:  I CAN create and present a short story using narrative point of view. 

 Contact Coach Whitt @ Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net

 SS (Mr. Cordova):

  • HW 01: Complete the handout on the 13 colonies. This assignment is a classwork, homework, and quiz grade. Due Friday 9/28.
  • HW 02: Create a pirate wanted poster about one of your 7th grade teachers similar to your pirate wanted poster on Blackbeard (to be distributed in class Monday 9/24). Due Friday 9/28.
  • HW 03: Begin studying for Test 1 covering Units 1 and 2 (all material so far this year).

 Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

 Math (Mrs. Wolf): 

 8th Grade Math

  • Monday: Correct review sheet, and study for test on Tuesday
  • Tuesday: Test; no HW
  • Wednesday: One-Step Equations WS
  • Thursday: Two-Step Equations WS
  • Friday: Word Problems WS

* Don’t forget: The test on Tuesday will be non-calculator!

 Common Core Math I

  • Monday: Finish review sheet, and study for test on Tuesday
  • Tuesday: Test; no HW
  • Wednesday: Tables & Graphs WS
  • Thursday: Tables, Graphs, & Rules WS
  • Friday: Comparing Patterns of Change WS

 Contact Mrs. Wolf @ Connie.Chu@dpsnc.net

 Science (Ms. Wilson):   

  • Check web-site for updated HW assignments

 Contact Ms. Wilson @ Anna.Wilson@dpsnc.net


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