Homework for the Week of 9/10/12

ELA (Coach Whitt):  Monday – look over notes from today’s class and prepare for Poetry Writing Exercise

  • Tuesday – NO HW
  • Wednesday – Work on Final Imagery Poem Draft
  • Thursday – Practice poem at home for class presentation on Friday
  • Friday – NO HW

Contact Coach Whitt @ Jeffrey.Whitt@dpsnc.net

SS (Mr. Cordova):

  • Write a 100 word or more narrative essay from the Native Americans’ point-of-view on first contact with Columbus and the Europeans. Assignment due Friday 9/14.
  • Quiz on Thursday on all material covered so far. Use your Year-in-Review sheets to prepare for the quiz.

Contact Mr. Cordova @ Raymond.Cordova@dpsnc.net

Math (Mrs. Wolf): 

  • Monday: Cubes & Cube Roots WS (1st Period) or Square Roots & Rationality WS (2nd & 4th Period)
  • Tuesday: Square Roots, Cube Roots, & Rationality WS
  • Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt Study Guide
  • Thursday: Integer Operations WS
  • Friday: Order of Operations WS


Common Core I

  • Monday: Exploring Data Quiz Corrections
  • Tuesday: Standard Deviation WS
  • Wednesday: Box Plots WS
  • Thursday: Outliers WS
  • Friday: None

 Contact Mrs. Wolf @ Connie.Chu@dpsnc.net

Science (Ms. Wilson): Monday: NO HW

  • Tuesday: Vocabulary (must be in journal and done in correct format): Density, Mass, Weight, Volume, Solubility, Solution, Solute, Solvent, Homogenous Mixture, Heterogenous Mixture
  •  Wednesday: Density practice problems
  •  Thursday: Finish Post-lab questions
  •  Friday: NO HW

Contact Ms. Wilson @ annabwilson@gmail.com


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